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Look after your pet with Canhegat’s electronic modules and smart objects.

Canhe-Fit A smart fitness sensor for healthy, hearty pets

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It’s never been easier to look after your pet!

Canhe­fit is the first ever solution for tracking your pet’s fitness in real time using an app and Bluetooth Low Energy connected pendant.

Thanks to Canhe­fit, you can give your pet a balanced diet the natural way. Give them just the right amount of food for their daily activity levels and keep them healthy.

Enjoy life with your four-legged friend while keeping them healthy.

It’s never been easier to look after your pet!

Canhe-Fit in action

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Use the app to check your pet’s health*

Application canhe-fit

*the app is free

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Find out at last what they get up to when you’re not around!

The connected pendant records your pet’s daily activity and automatically sends it to the app using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

The pendant can be used with all kinds of collar. It’s small and light and fits discreetly on your pet’s neck, without any risk of injury to your pet.

  • Battery CR1632

  • Autonomy 8 month

  • weight <10g

  • Sealing Waterproof

Watch your pet’s figure.

Adapt your pet’s diet: Canhe­Fit calculates just the right amount of food for your pet’s activity levels. No need to change their food or put them on a diet because your champion can stay fit the natural way.



Whether your pet is feeling lazy, relaxed or energetic, you can make sure they get enough exercise to suit their mood shown via the app.

Work as a team with your vet

Your vet can consult your pet’s profile using their professional Canhe­fit account so as to adapt their healthcare and diet advice.

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Using technology to improve pet health

Bluetooth technology

The latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology gives the maximum possible battery life – you’ve got nothing to worry about for 8 months.


Track your cat. The app synchronises with the CanheFit pendant as soon as the two are in the same vicinity.

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More than an activity tracker, Canhe-Fit will change your life! And their ...

How it work

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Four-legged fashion

The connected pendant is customisable and comes with two cases.
Switch your pet’s look whenever you fancy and let the top dog or cat on the block show off their chic French style.

The pendant is created by a product designer to give your pet some style.

Choose your color

Several cases available

  • = 2 shells included